An Occupation permit available for young foreign graduates in Mauritius

A new category of Occupation Permits for young professionals was introduced last September by the Economic Development Board of Mauritius. An Occupation Permit allows a non-citizen of Mauritius to work and live in the country.

 This new category of Occupation Permit ("Professional Young Professional Occupation Permit") is specifically targeted at Mauritian undergraduate degree.

 The objective is to attract young people to carry out their studies in Mauritius and to allow them to stay and work on the island. This is particularly young people working in innovation (artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology), financial services, and information technology.

 Mauritius, due to its legal and tax environment, remains attractive for the development of fintechs and start-ups specializing in advanced technology. The validity of the permit, depending on the employment contract, is a maximum of 3 years.

 However, it is possible for the employee to use the expiry date for a professional occupation.

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