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I am a talent

You join the community. You say who you are and what skills you wish to offer. Talenteum reveals them to the world!

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    I become a member of the community. It's fast and free.
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    Say who you are, what you can do, and what position you would like to find.
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    Discover the job offers of our partner companies. Apply and propose your skills.
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    Conduct remote interviews with recruiters looking for a talent with your skills.
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    Work remotely

    You are hired. Talenteum recruits you on behalf of the partner company

A flexible and fulfilling environment

C'est simple

It's simple

Talenteum accompanies you and manages the entire relationship between you and the partner company, from the expression of interest in being recruited to the disclosure of your skills, your recruitment, your work environment, and the payment of your remuneration.

It's selective

Talenteum reveals the best African talents. You join more than just a community, you join a real family, yours!

C'est sélectif
C'est social

It's social

Talenteum's ambition is to reduce distance, to bring people closer together, to give work to talents that do not find it, or not in their areas of expertise.

Testimonials of the community

How much does it cost & How much do I earn?

Becoming a Talenteum member is totally free. The real investment that is expected of you is to fill in carefully the headings of your "member area". You exactly receive the compensation you have agreed with the company partner. Talenteum does not realize any margin on the salary or the performance of its members. Talenteum re-invoices costing your pay. Talenteum lives with the fees of access to its web platform regulated by the partner companies.

How am I paid, and how often?

Payments are made through our secure online payment and settlement solution. Once your account is created, you are settled at the end of each month. You can choose to receive your payment on your bank account or on a debit card (subject to conditions).

What are my working hours?

Our working hours are the ones that you have indicated in your Preferences and that the Customer has validated with you in the Job Sheet.

What is the average duration of the Talenteum benefit?

Talenteum favors long-term benefits. The contract initially agreed between Talenteum and a Client varies from 3 months to one year. However, this initial duration is usually tacitly extended and the average duration of service is rather of the order of 3 years.

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