Talenteum is the 1st platform of Social Bridging

Talenteum brings people closer wherever they are, regardless of their color, religion or status. Talenteum allows people to work together, beyond any ideological, geographical or religious cleavage. Thanks to Talenteum, we put their skills at the service of others, without moving. They intervene remotely for companies located anywhere in the world.

By fostering equitable collaboration between continents, Talenteum enables continents that are struggling to recruit people they need to give real jobs to continents that are struggling to provide skilled work to their populations often very well-educated. Through a complete digitization of the interactions between stakeholders, Talenteum has a social impact and more.

In addition, Talenteum plays a decisive social role: Talenteum contributes to a better gender balance by giving work that can be carried out at a distance, sometimes from the employee's home. In addition, through remote work, Talenteum helps to curb migration flows motivated by economic and social reasons.

Testimonials of the community