About Talenteum

We are neither a recruiting site nor a freelance site. A traditional recruitment site is intended for the local market, allowing a company to recruit an employee who will work on the premises of the company. In addition, a recruitment site is a simple intermediary between candidates and job offers. While Talenteum carefully selects and recruits employees who work remotely, mostly from Africa, for companies based in Europe in particular.

We are not a freelance site either. Indeed, we favor long assignments, accompanied by strong employee support for the values of the company for which he works remotely. We favor the long-term outsourcing. A Talenteum employee is fully integrated into the company. He/She forms part of his/her team. It does not intervene to carry out specific tasks, but rather to collaborate in the long term. We are convinced that the best talents create more value by getting involved in the long term, rather than working on a multitude of small, short-term contracts, or on part-time assignments. This approach allows him/her to significantly reduce the time lost to seek new contracts. It's better for the company, and it's better for their careers.

Talenteum only recruits talented employees. Talenteum Clients only look for the best people and are willing to pay accordingly.

In addition, Talenteum Clients are located in countries different from these employees, in countries where the cost of labor is generally high and where it is difficult to find available quality employees . So all the more, they are ready to accept high salaries. In addition, Talenteum's operation is highly virtualized, thanks to well-known processes and our distantial (versus face-to-face) culture. Thus, our structural costs are lower than in a traditional company. We are more competitive and we directly benefit our customers. This economy contributes to enable them to finance higher wages to attract the best and ensure their long-term loyalty.

Yes, Talenteum is present on most social networks.


My role at Talenteum

Our clients are large companies or companies with high potential, often of European origin, who wish to sustainably enrich their teams with talent established elsewhere in the world, and intervening remotely.

We offer positions in 25 disciplines, ranging from computer science to medical, accounting and legal. The role can be of different natures depending on the experience of our collaborator and the needs of our Clients.

The requests of our Clients concern the 25 disciplines that make up the community of Talenteum employees. The most requested functions are:

Corporate Finance and Accounting:

  • Accountant (2 to 5 years of experience);
  • Accounting assistant (even a beginner).

Information systems and IT:

  • >HTML integrator (3 to 5 years of experience);
  • Database Manager (even a beginner, or better with 3 years of experience).


  • SEO Manager (5 to 10 years of experience);
  • Data Scientist (0 to 3 years experience);
  • Head Social Media (3 to 5 years of experience);
  • Web Project Manager (0 to 3 years experience).

Legal, Tax and Human Resources:

  • Corporate / Corporate Lawyer (3 to 6 years experience);
  • Tax Manager (over 6 years of experience).

Specialized assistance:

  • Responsible for recovery (0 to 3 years of experience);
  • Management Assistant (3 to 7 years of experience);
  • Sales Administration Assistant (3 to 7 years of experience);
  • General Services Assistant (3 to 7 years experience);
  • Logistics Assistant (English speaking, 0 to 3 years experience): 23,000 - 25,000 euros (+ 3%).

We have listed below the benefits most often cited by our employees:

  • Earn much more than the national average (see below "How much can I earn at Talenteum?");
  • To be able to choose one's own salary;
  • Have Talenteum as a trusted third party to cover the risk of default;
  • Work remotely, from home or elsewhere, for an international company;
  • Get commissions on Talenteum employees who have been co-opted on the Clients' requests that have been detected (see below "How much can I earn at Talenteum?");
  • Intervene for in varied sectoral environments;
  • Become a member of a full-fledged and sustainable team rather than intervening for short missions as an independent contractor;
  • Save time by reducing your daily commuting time;
  • Participate in saving the planet by limiting the number of trips;
  • Save time to devote to his hobbies and / or his family;
  • Become part of the Talenteum community, present on several continents, and benefit from the richness of the cultural differences that compose it.

At Talenteum, your pay is potentially unlimited. In fact, by becoming a member of the Talenteum community, you have access to no less than 4 financial prerogatives:

  • The opportunity to work for a Talenteum Client, and of course be paid for it;
  • The possibility of collecting commissions when you co-opt new Talenteum members who are involved in a service billed to a Client;
  • The ability to earn commissions when you detect a Customer need that you reference in the list of customer requests, and that this need results in a service billed by Talenteum;
  • The possibility of receiving royalties on co-ops and customer referrals, which the members you co-opted yourself have made, leading to a service billed by Talenteum. All the fees listed above are cumulative. They allow you to earn a good living, and to accumulate varied and exciting roles.

Talenteum favors long-term benefits. The contract initially agreed between Talenteum and a Client varies from 3 months to one year. However, this initial duration is usually tacitly extended and the average duration of service is rather of the order of 3 years.

As we approach the end of a Client contract, Talenteum will take stock of the best professional orientations to guide your career, and suggest that you intervene for a new Client whose expectation is consistent with the achievement of this direction.

Talenteum has a rigorous recruitment process that is both fast and efficient. It involves the creation of an account on the Talenteum platform, the filing of his CV and a cover letter, the possible participation in selection tests, and an interview with a member of the Talenteum HR team. As a result of this process, once selected, you become a member of the Talenteum Global Network and have the opportunity to work for a Talenteum Client.

At Talenteum, we answer all our candidates. Our answers can be done by various means, e-mail, telephone, Skype or mail. It may take a little while but we are known to be responsive. If you feel that we are late in sending you an answer, please send an email to recrutement@talenteum.com with all your contact information, the date and the position for which you have applied.

In any case, you will work for Talenteum. Depending on the offer that caught your attention, you will work either within a Talenteum Department or for a Talenteum Client. What is certain is that this point will be clearly explained to you during your selection.

The selection process is rather fast. It usually lasts a few days. Once integrated into the Talenteum community, the delay between your integration and the start of your intervention for a Client can vary, from immediately to a few weeks ... rarely more.

Work at Talenteum

Payments are made through our secure online payment and settlement solution. Once your account is created, you are settled at the end of each month. You can choose to receive your payment on your bank account or on a debit card (subject to conditions).

Depending on where you live, we can offer up to two different statuses:

  • The status of "self-employed worker";
  • The status of "Wages". This status is only possible where Talenteum has an office or registered partner, which offers a Portage Salarial service.

It depends on your status: As a "self-employed": we do not make any deductions. You are responsible for your social, accounting and tax declarations, according to the regulations in force in your country of residence; As "payroll": we must apply the same withholding tax as for a typical employee.

Our working hours are the ones that you have indicated in your Preferences and that the Customer has validated with you in the Job Sheet.

Holidays are to be organized with the Client. The Talenteum Support team is here to help you. It is important to anticipate this subject and not to put the Client in front of the fait accompli.

It is not impossible. If the Client agrees, you can intervene part-time. You can specify this option in your Preferences. However, this must not be in contradiction with your commitments towards your other principal, or with the legislation of your place of residence.