Talenteum & Personal data protection

This document constitutes the personal data protection policy implemented by Talenteum within the framework of its activity, in accordance with the General Regulations in force, in particular from 25 May 2018, about Data Protection.

This document allows you to learn more about the origin and use of browsing information handled by opportunity for your consultation of our Site.

In order to offer you the best experience as a platform for professional networking, Talenteum has the duty to give you the right to view the data collected by the Company, and how they are used.


Also, to be in agreement with the requirements of all our Users, and with our services, we are at heart of optimize our data protection policy. In the interest of transparency, Talenteum presents its approach to you:


  • We make sure, with all the stakeholders, that they share our commitment on the protection of personal data and insert clauses on the protection of personal data;
  • We detail the procedure for exercising the rights of access, rectification, opposition and deletion to help you exercise your rights to your data in the easiest way possible.

For more information, we invite you to read our entire privacy policy for personal data and the General Conditions of Use of the Site.

Your use of our Services means that you accept the terms.


The Talenteum team is at your disposal for any further information.

1. The protection of personal data

The purpose of the treatment

All the information that the Users were able to provide to Talenteum is strictly confidential. This information is necessary for the purpose of their processing, i.e. the execution of the employment relationship between the employees and Talenteum, the entire process the provision of Services necessary for the proper execution of commercial contracts and portage wages, the management of commercial relations maintained with Users, billing processing, customization of communication with the Client Users according to their preferences and, potentially, by sending postal and electronic mail for prospecting.

The relevance of the information collected

Talenteum collects and processes personal data in a fair and lawful manner. The data collected by Talenteum are adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which which they are collected.

Retention of personal data

Talenteum keeps your personal data. It is up to you to request the deletion of your personal data at the following address : partenariat@talenteum.com

Restricted access to data

Only duly authorized recipients can access information required for their activity as part of an access management policy, as Talenteum defines the rules of access and confidentiality applicable to the personal data processed.

Security and confidentiality

Talenteum implements the necessary means to protect the processing of personal data to prevent unauthorized access by third parties and to prevent any loss, alteration or disclosure data.
We implement efficient means to keep your information safe, which is why we use the technical, physical and procedural control measures that are implemented during the collection, the processing and transfer of your data.

The information and the right of the users

Before the implementation of its treatments, and at the latest at the time of the registration of the User on our site by means of the Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use, Talenteum informs the persons concerned of the purpose of the processing of their personal data, the recipients of these treatments and their rights.

Talenteum met implement the necessary means to ensure Users access, rectification and deletion of personal data concerning them when they request it. Data may be rectified, supplemented, updated, locked or deleted when it is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, out of date or when its collection, use, communication or storage is prohibited.

You have access to a right of access, rectification and opposition to information concerning you by sending an email to the following address: partnership@talenteum.com < / a>

In the event of a request to delete Data, it is however stipulated that these may be kept in the archives to meet the legal requirements of proof and security.

2. Cookie management policy

What is a cookie?

A "cookie" is a connection indicator that designates a text file that can be saved, subject to your choice, in a dedicated area of ​​the hard disk of your Terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, phone ...), during the consultation of an online service on the Site

A Cookie file allows its issuer to identify the Terminal in which it is registered, during the period of validity or registration of the Cookie.
When consulting our Site, information relating to the navigation of your Terminal on our Site is likely to be saved in "Cookies" files installed on your Terminal, subject to the choices you have expressed concerning cookies and that you can modify at any time.

What are cookies used for on our site?

When you connect to our Site, we may, subject to your choice, install various cookies in your Terminal allowing recognize the browser of your Terminal during the validity period of the concerned cookie. Cookies that we issue are used for the purposes described below, subject to your choices, which result from the settings of your browser software used during your visit. our Site.

What are the types of cookies used by Talenteum?

The cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the website Talenteum.com

These cookies allow you to access to the reserved and personal areas of our Site, such as your account, thanks to identifiers or data that you may have previously given us.
These cookies are useful for the implementation of security measures, for example when you are asked to sign in again to a content or service after a certain amount of time.
If you disable these cookies, the Talenteum Website can not function properly .

These cookies are exclusively deposited by Talenteum.
The main cookies we use are as follows:

  • Name:
    Function: allows to redisplay the unpaid basket of an unconnected visitor
    Expiration time: 1 year after its creation  
    Function: keep a visitor logged in to his account
    Expiry time: until the browser is closed

Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies are not necessary for user navigation on the Talenteum website, but feature cookies help optimize the operation of the site and access to a more fluid navigation and corresponding to the needs of users.

These cookies are then deposited by Talenteum for a short lifetime for the majority during the session time, and a maximum of thirteen months, including the following cookies:

  • Personalization cookies for content and user experience  ;
  • These cookies collect the number of open sessions , number of clicks, number of conversions, and heat maps.


Audience measurement cookies (Google Analytics)

These cookies collect anonymous information about how visitors use the Site and monitor the performance of the Site. Performance cookies tell us which pages are popular on our Site, monitor the traffic to our Site and compile anonymous analytical information, performance cookies can also be used to identify and resolve problems with the operation of our Site, improve interest and ergonomics of our Services.

Sharing cookies

We may include third-party computer applications on our Site, which allow you to share content on our Site with other people or to publicize to such other persons your consultation or your opinion concerning a content of our Site or on our Applications. This is particularly the case of buttons "Share", "Like", from social networks such as "Facebook", "Twitter", "Linkedin" ...
The social network providing such an application button is likely to identify you with this button, even if you did not use this button during your consultation of our Site or Applications. Indeed, this type of application button can allow the social network concerned to follow your navigation on our Site, just because your account to the social network concerned was activated on your Terminal (open session) during your navigation on our Site. We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information about your browsing on our site and associated with the personal data they have. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks to learn the purpose of use, including advertising, navigation information they can collect through these application buttons. These protection policies must allow you to exercise your choices with these social networks, including setting up your usage accounts for each of these networks.

Advertising cookies

These are cookies filed by third parties (eg partners) to identify your interests and possibly customize the advertising addressed to you on and outside our site and may be posted by our business partners' sites when you click in the advertising space on our site. This type of cookie may allow the relevant business partners to follow your browsing preferences. The refusal of these advertising cookies has no impact on the use of our site.

How to manage cookies on the Talenteum website?

Several options are available to manage cookies. Any setting you may undertake may change your Internet browsing and your conditions access to certain services that require the use of cookies. Depending on the type of cookies you want to disable, you can express your choices as follows:

Thanks to the configuration of the navigation software

You can configure your browser software so that cookies are stored in your Terminal (cookies embedded in the pages and contents that you have viewed may be stored temporarily in a dedicated area of ​​your Terminal, they will be readable only by their issuer) &, on the contrary, they are rejected either systematically or according to their issuer (some necessary features will be more accessible to browse certain areas of our Site or our Applications).

You can also configure your browser so that acceptance or refusal of cookies is offered to you punctually before a cookie may be registered in your Terminal.

For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to change your wishes for cookies.

Using the Google Analytics link

If you do not want Google Analytics to store data about you, you can install the browser add-on to disable Google Analytics.

To disable Google Analytics for the web, go to the Google Analytics opt-out page and install the add-on for your browser: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=fr