Coworking Spaces in Africa on the rise.

Africa is currently experiencing dramatic growth in the coworking sector, and I think that since its creation in mid-2000, it would continue to grow relative to what we have seen. There are over 250 coworking spaces in Africa little under a decade from now, with 80% of these places springing up over the last 3 years. 

Coworking Africa's research suggests that the coworking industry is projected to boom. This exponential growth was due to 70 percent of Africa's total population, the millennials, as well as the many resources that the region already floods. Here's a rundown of how some African countries are doing the coworking business.

In Mauritius, The business is changing rapidly in Mauritius and many cool spaces are opening doors day after day to entrepneurs. The most interesting part is that all these spaces have a unique business model of their own and basic pricing plans. For example, a center launched only a few years ago called the Mauritius Startup Incubator has the main objective to facilitate the implementation of new startups in the IT field. 

The facilities offered by MSI (Mauritius Startup Incubator) includes rental of equipped evolved offices. These offices are equipped and wired and have the best Internet technology. Ranging from 1 to 25 workstations, we set up your business immediately in one of our many offices in Mauritius. This real estate offer is flexible, immediately operational and economic.

In Nigeria, Co-creation Hub, which is Nigeria's first coworking space, has also expanded its facilities to Abuja (the country's federal capital), and many other spaces such as Leadspace, Redahlia Workspace, and Lagos Co-work have all appeared in the coworking scene in recent months. Nigeria has more than 15 coworking spaces by my own estimation. 

In Egypt, the continent's largest coworking space with more than 76 shared office spaces in 2016, according to Coworking Africa. A popular one in Cairo, named The District, opened its doors in 2011 to entrepneurs that drew the capital to other shared office spaces, making the city the region's co-working space frontier.

In South Africa, The pvalence of shared office spaces has exploded n recent years, which has a significant impact on the country's entrepneurship. Compared to working from home or a local coffee shop, most businessmen often choose to use a coworking space. 

There were over 67 coworking spaces in South Africa last year, where more than half of these spaces were situated in Capetown, making it the second biggest nation after Egypt with shared office spaces. You could join these coworking spaces any time you're in South Africa; Bandwith Barn, Twenty Fifty, Jozi Hub, and Hub Room. You'd see the energy among these entrepneurs for yourself.

In Kenya, in Nairobi's pawa254 room, I think it's amazing to see the architecture on the rooftop. It's not only about the workspace's elegance itself, but also about the amazing people that the center puts together. Pawa254 has carved a niche for artists rather than techies as a creative venue.

In Morocco, at a small fishing village in Taghazout, which is also good for surfers, Sundesk opened a co-living and coworking space. You can picture how quiet it would be. Among the 17 coworking spaces in Morocco are iNSANE (the first coworking space in the country), Netspace, Workspot, and TechVerse.

Many coworking spaces are springing up all around the continent and they all have proven to be an essential tool for young entrepneurs, allowing them access to valuable resources, skills, knowledge, and infrastructure at a minimal cost.

Back to Mauritius, where Talenteum is taking Coworking Space to a whole new level! 

In Mauritius, a startup named TALENTEUM  is reinventing whats so-called coworking space. Not only they provide co-working space to best African Talents but they also enable them to work remotely for European Companies from their coworking hubs. At Talenteum we make it possible for African Talents to work for Western Companies without having to leave their countries. TALENTEUM offers distance candidates to European companies at cost price working from their home country. TALENTEUM acts as a trusted third-party and ensures legal obligations (accounting, social, fiscal ...). 

If you are either a company in Europe or America and you’d like to support our movement then feel free to contact Talenteum and we will be happy to provide you with the best African Talents who will work remotely for your company. We help with recruitment, managing the remote workers and everything in between. 

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