What Human Capital Development in Africa

We are pleased to organise with Startup Grind Mauritius a webinar on Human Capital Development in Africa.
Yousouf Hossen Jookhun Group Managing Director of Afri Talent will be our Guest Speaker.

Africa should focus on human capital & African countries must invest in skills retooling of these youth. Today's graduates are entering the worst job market since the Great Depssion By continuing to support education during the pandemic, African governments can strengthen their countries’ immediate COVID-19 response and long-term recovery.

During this event, Yousouf and Nicolas Goldstein SG Director - Talenteum.Africa will talk on these 4 topics :

• Talent Economics (macro Perspective)

• Developing entrepneurship for sustainable growth and risk mitigation (macro perspective)

• The limits of our current education system

• Human Capital Development