Gig Economy and Talent Economy : Let’s focus on 4 platforms

The rise of freelancing and remote job platforms stand out as a glimpse into the future of the world of work. The gig economy and talent economy platforms have seen a huge rise in active usage and a source of income and employment for many amid the plight of COVID-19. Among many such platforms, there are a few that stand out due to their unique selling points, a huge community of freelancers and clients, affordability and their promise to deliver quality.

Let’s focus on 4 platforms

Talenteum is afro-centric; its goal is to fill in the work and social gap in Africa and this is what sets it apart from most freelance/remote work platforms. It offers talents from almost all fields of work thereby catering to the needs of a lot more industries.


Operates with a client-focused strategy - the clients posts projects and job requests on the platform and freelancers compete to work on it. With Upwork, it is easier to build long-term relationships with clients.


Fiverr is a well-established platform for short one- off or series of one-off gigs. It Operates with a freelancer-focused strategy - with buyers coming to the opportunity/gig provider. Fiverr makes it easy for the sellers to find buyers by matching their profiles with the Gigs they require.


Toptal developed personality, language, and skills testing to remotely screen engineering candidates, enabling them to select top candidates that promise delivery of their work. Toptal saves you time spending hours filtering through freelancers for their performance.

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