Talent as a Service (TaaS)

Talent as a Service (TaaS) is a workforce model that helps companies quickly and cost-effectively hire experienced talent, based on your job description. The TaaS model offers qualified individuals more opportunities and gives them the flexibility to collaborate on projects with multiple leading organizations.

We can compare this new phenomenon which is more and more in vogue post covid as the fact of using software in SAAS mode. The service is cloud-based where, instead of downloading software that your office PC or business network can run and update, you access an application through an internet browser.

For talents it's the same thing, instead of recruiting directly from the person, you can now recruit your staff in Taas mode.
We can also talk about wage portage or EOR ( Employer of Records )  it is a tripartite contractual relationship in which an employee carried by a wage portage company performs a service on behalf of client companies. On the one hand, an employment contract is established between the employee carried and the company of wage portage.

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