Emerging Trend: International Remote Work in Africa

A growing trend is international remote work and Africa. Africa is going to be the largest workforce in the next 15 years. 
Many people choose to no longer work from home near their employer, but on a tropical island or closer to their family, for example. In some sectors, talent is so scarce that people with the required skills live abroad and are unable or unwilling to travel.

Remote work can also offer a solution for recruiting and retaining much-needed talent.
Nearly 60% of employers say international remote work is an option within their company. Recruit Borderless is one of the option companies will have to consider now as well.

Employers must adapt and communicate their remote work and recruitment policy.

This is also evidenced by the fact that international remote work is a growing trend.
Employees have seen that working remotely has its benefits and they want to keep and even use them to achieve the best possible work-life balance.

Employers urgently need to develop a clear policy on this and indicate what is possible and what is not. While it may seem simple for an employee to take their laptop and go to work abroad, the situation is much more complex for an employer. Because how to manage tax legislation and social security?

How can someone stay connected to your organization when they work in another time zone and are never physically in the office?
All these questions now arise for employers, and they really need to tackle them. Policies must be developed and communicated. » and sometimes companies like Talenteum.com could help Employers willing to recruit and hire in Africa.