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During my previous employments, I have worked on full-Stack projects where I utilized technologies like NodeJS ith Express, ReactJs, Graphql/Apollo, N... Read more

Software Engineer JamboPay Business Intelligence Analytics Tool : Developed a Business intelligence tool that reports real-time analysis of the va... Read more

During my last experience i had the opportunity to work on a dashboard system using react-redux. The dashboard was realtime and to achieve we used web... Read more

I am actively looking for an opportunity to join a new company for an accounting or finance job. I am at Level 3 of ACCA and have completed a MBA with... Read more

Part of our growing frontend team working on our web application using React/Redux.As a frontend engineer am responsible for working on design prototy... Read more

I have worked as a full stack developer providing solutions on a company wide travel application. Currently, I freelance on a WordPress plugin build... Read more

During my last experience, I was able to operate as a front-end developer in mobile and web environments using Reactjs and React Native Javascript lib... Read more

During my last experiences I worked as an IT Administrator, i was able learn more about IT infrastructure, worked as IT administrator for 8 months. Al... Read more

I am Uluma Dancan, a full-stack developer and data scientist. I have 2 years of software development experience and have worked in teams before. I... Read more

A dedicated software/QA Tester looking to be the part of motivated and collaborative team. During my last experiences, I have done the following : ... Read more

I am a full-stack software developer who likes building solutions for real-world problems. Recently, I worked as a member of WatchTower developer team... Read more

Security professional - Avid explorer – Eternal optimist My passion for what I do comes from the energy I feel working in different countries, acro... Read more

My last position was the Team Leader of Operations at the no 1 e-commerce in Mauritius. Overview,manage and ensure efficiency in the day... Read more

I started my professional experience as information and report manager, first as a research assitant and then as Editor in Chief of an international r... Read more

I have worked in diverse fields, with a focus on Communication, Journalism and Social Work. I have tertiary qualifications in all of the above. Oth... Read more

I am a decided, innovative and curious Software Engineer. My experience in tech is driven by an incredible desire to develop courses of action in the ... Read more

Fullstack Software Engineer(Javascript/Python) with a passion for developing innovative programs that expedite the efficiency and effectiveness of org... Read more

* CEO & Cofondateur de YA-Trade (YOUTH ALLIANCE TRADE) -Planification des activités, Répartition des tâches, Coordonnateur des activités ... Read more

I have vast and proven experience in business management specialized in administration and customer relations management and research. Read more

I am passionate, problem solver, critical thinker and full stack software engineer with a passion for building systems and coming up with solutions fo... Read more