About us

Who is Talenteum?

Talenteum is the 1st social Bridging platform.
We offer long term professional opportunities to African talent ready to work remotely with worldwide companies. Our Companies partner are looking for skills who have trouble finding them in their own country.

Talenteum puts its African talents at the disposal of companies seeking to enrich their teams with the best employees in telework or international mobility mode. We have more than 100 employees who put their talent at the disposal of our full-time clients (40 hours per week), and who are implanted in a multitude of African countries.They intervene in nearly 25 disciplines, ranging from Computer science to accounting, through medical and administrative. We offer training to our employees in order to offer them the opportunity to work in the most popular sectors of the labor market.

We are growing rapidly because the demands of our customers are many, and grow faster than the number of talented employees we integrate daily. We also distinguish ourselves by our approach of the type of collaboration that we establish with our customers. Our employees are only involved in the long term. This is how they get involved in the long term and adopt the values โ€‹โ€‹of the company they join, despite the distance that separates them.

In addition to offering them long-term assignments, we are careful not to dump on their compensation. Thus, we recruit only the best, well paid, who are comfortable to project themselves in the long term for the company for which they work. We exclude principals who try to pay as little as possible and who have a temporary vision of work.



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