Who is Talenteum?

Talenteum is the 1st social Bridging platform.
Far from being just another recruitment company, Talenteum puts its Talent Community at the service of companies worldwide. These companies are different in size, from Startups to Enterprises and SME that are having a difficult time to recruit talents in their home countries. Our community of Talents works remotely.

The community generally intervenes on a full-time basis or long term contracts through which the wage portage is ensured by Talenteum. Finally, the cost of the talents is invoiced with no commission to the companies.

The headquarters of Talenteum are in the Indian Ocean. We operate in 100% remote mode. However, we have offices in several countries, either directly or via a local partnership. As Mauritius, Madagascar, Ivory Coast ... Nevertheless, the Talents that we make available to our customers are located in many more countries and work remotely, from where they are most effective: in a web cafe, at home, in a business center ....