Level of experience : From 4 to 6 years

Level of study : Graduate

Country : Nigeria

Local time : 07:40 ( UTC +01:00 )

Availability : Immediately

Number : #8442

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Senior Software Engineer

Patricia Technologies October 2020 to Aujourd'hui

1. Worked alongside product managers to re-architect the company’s system from
Monolith to Micro-service resulting in efficiency of data delivery and speed.
2. Worked within the agile team and helped prioritize and scope features requests to
ensure that the biggest impact features were worked on first.
3. Built extensive test coverage for new and existing features in my team’s product
thereby reducing code breakage and customer’s complaints by 10%.
4. Worked on security in the Authentication-Service using Auth0 and Google
Authenticator to implement 2FA as part of the micro-service.
5. Built RESTful APIs that served data to front-end on dynamically chosen user inputs
that handled over 20,000 concurrent users.
6. Worked on system security, payouts,withdrawals, wallet deposit in a product that
allows merchant/business collect payments in different crypto-currencies.

Senior Software Engineer

Gamint Corporate Ltd October 2019 to March 2020

1. Supervised, managed and led the team of 7+ peers in the development of a robust
upgrade for a client’s existing software application, resulting in 30%.incremental
revenue in 10months.
2. Worked with the Product Team to understand and upgrade business specifications
around Portfolio Management, analytic and Risk.
3. Mentored and solved complex technological issues for a variety of assigned
projects, achieving 95% customer satisfaction rate.
4. Worked with the payment team to save over 1,000 of our client’s customers time
improve cash flow through the development of modern customer experience.
5. Determined areas of improvement by regularly monitoring existing business
systems, boosting efficiency by 25% every year through automation of repetitive

Lead Software Engineer

Agritech Hub Nigeria July 2018 to September 2019

1. Led the development of robust version upgrade of agrofunders.com 2.0 with
improved user experience, resulting in 15% increase in annual revenue.
2. Customized over 120 forms and reports of enterprise ERP systems to meet
customer’s needs and improving performances by over 20%.
3. Organized different teams handling different projects on writing and development
of scalable application.
4. Designed data structures used for development and maintained software for reuse
and upgrade.
5. Documented detailed, technical documentation of proprietary software used for
orienting new employees and presenting to prospective clients, decreasing
preparation time for initial/set-up meeting by 20%.

Software Engineer

Ednounce Technologies June 2016 to April 2018

1. Completed over 5 major projects working closely with the team to develop, test
and maintain a variety of software applications.
2. Led a team of 6+ peers in release of fund raising application software version
3. Resolved over 500 customers issues providing technical advice on enhancements
and trouble-shooting, decreasing customer issues by 25% over time
4. Promoted as Software Engineer due to impeccable job performance within less
than 8 months - ahead of schedule by over 1year.

Software Develoer (Intern)

Zoe Information Technology April 2014 to February 2016

1. Led the transition to a paperless practice by implementing an electronic booking
system and a faster, safer and more accurate business system; reduced cost of
labor by 30% and office overhead by 10%.
2. Translated business questions into use cases and data model requirements with
emphasis on anticipating future ad-hoc needs.
3. Created use cases and developed UML diagrams - activity, sequence and class


Linkedin Learning

Certificate Course November 2021 to Today

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:


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I am an experienced Software Engineer (Backend) in advanced web development, knowledgeable in system architecture, development, testing and debugging. Equipped with diverse skill-set (Node, Express, Adonis, Typescript, PHP, Laravel, Golang/Gin, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, GIT, RESTful) combined with Agile Methodology. Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate in a team setting and a lover and contributor to open source.