VA Headhunter

Level of experience : Between 2 years and 5 years

Level of study : Graduate

Country : Mauritius

Availability :

Number : #3961

About us

I am a sourcing specialist with 4 years of experience. I am well-versed with the use of job boards (both active and passive) as well as Boolean strings which is the key tool in candidate sourcing. Apart from that, I also have knowledge doing portal searches for sourcing potential candidates. I've worked on various categories such as IT/Tech, Engineering, Architecture, IOT, HVAC/MEP, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Sales/Marketing and worked on different roles from entry level to C-level positions in various locations that the clients provide. Moreover, I also have experience using Applicant Tracking Software.. Also I’m an experienced Admin Assistant, linkedin Sourcer/Researcher, it help me utilize my skills in doing different forms of admin services. These include  Web Research and Data Entry  LinkedIn Sourcing/Recruiting  Lead Generation  Email Account Management  Job Posting  Microsoft Office  Google Docs  Listing, Inventory Management,  E-commerce tools: , Social Media Management/Scheduling