Level of experience : From 4 to 6 years

Level of study : Undergraduate

Country : Zambia

Local time : 02:55 ( UTC +02:00 )

880 €/ Month

Availability : Not defined

Number : #13692

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Assistant Accountant

ZipBcc July 2018 to July 2022

Efficiently assisted in preparing ledgers & decreased prpepartion time by 30%. Verified and reconciled balances in accounts, ensuring all day to day transactions are properly managed.
Ensured all expenses remained within provided budgets, executed & overlooked daily cash management issues including funds transfer, balancing & reconciliation. Verified information on financial documents, preparing accounting related reports, performing reconciliations, managing accounts payable/receivable.

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About me

I am a results oriented Banking and Finance specialist with 5+ years experience in the finance industry. I have worked within PPPs, Media and Education organizations.

My knowledge is rooted in financial planning, analysis and reporting, international trade and finance, investment analysis, operations research and corporate finance.

-I am accurate and detail-oriented; I spot problems and offer solutions.
-I have been able to reduce time spent on various tasks to be able to effectively manage time and produce results.
-I am skilled at managing accounts payable; upholding vendor relationships.
-maintain all accounting records and files which can be easily retrieved at any given time;
-developing budget estimates; cost reduction
- Effective communicator with great analytical skills and excellent teamwork abilities.

My objective is to focus on helping organizations achieve their Financial Management Objectives.