Africa's remote work platform is the ultimate remote work portal in Africa. Acting as a bridge, Talenteum is a company that connects job seekers in Africa to employers around the world.

There’s talent in Talenteum

On the jobseekers’ side, Talenteum makes it easy to work remotely and gain an international professional experience. On the employers’ side, Talenteum gives them access to the talent they need, even if it means looking for staff elsewhere.

How do I become a member of Talenteum's network?

First, visit our portal
You will be directed to our homepage.

Once you are on it, you will see that the portal includes two parts: "I am a talent" and "I am a company". Register by clicking on the part that concerns you.

The process is fast and simple. You will become one of Talenteum’s partners in no more than three steps. Before you even register, you will already be able to see the latest job offers and profiles of the latest candidates at the bottom of the homepage.

Moreover, at the top right side of the homepage, you will see a small drop-down menu. When you click on it, several themes will appear - each will give you more information about Talenteum. You can learn more about the history of Talenteum, our approach: "social bridging" and discover our blogs, which are regularly published.

Why choose Talenteum?

You should choose Talenteum because the company is a trusted third party acting as a legal guarantor of the relationship between the African-based employee or entrepneur and the employer.

You are probably wondering what that means. Nicolas Goldstein, the founder of Talenteum, explains with this example: "Whether you are in Mauritius earning your salary in rupees or in Cameroon receiving a salary in CFA francs, Talenteum takes care of everything and bills in euros to the employer - namely, the employee’s salary on top of a fixed cost for the use of the platform and the guarantee of the legal relationship".

The future of work is a subject that is coming up more and more today. It is with innovative platforms such as that we are moving towards this future. Moreover, Talenteum’s aim is to continue developing its offer in this field. "Our vocation is to become an eco-system platform for the African labour market and remote work industry," says Nicolas Goldstein.

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Béatrice Hope