Career Growth E-learning for Africans

If you've gone to school in Africa, photos of the 50-year-old classroom and one full-blown teacher would undoubtedly come to mind.

Over recent years, though, we have seen unpcedented growth over technology adoption, a boom in entrepneurship fueled by the boundless imagination of Africans.

In reality, digital training, distance-learning or distance learning, or whatever title you want to label it, all of them mean; e-learning. Globally, this has become the' new wave' or emerging educational order of the digital economy of the 21st century. While Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations, Advanced Learning Management Systems and other e-Learning systems tend to have an effect on e-Learning SPACE

Africa's e-learning market has doubled from 2011 to 2016, reaching $513 million, says Ambient Insights, adding that SA is Africa's largest e-learning market, followed by Angola, Nigeria, and Tunisia. Meanwhile, Senegal, Kenya, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are posting 25% annual e-learning market growth, the market research company says.

Mark West, a mobile learning expert at Unesco, says: "E-learning is a portal into educational opportunities that, frankly, hadn't existed before, and some of those opportunities - if you can afford the broadband connection and the hardware to use that connection - are free. For really self-motivated learners, it's remarkable."

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