Temp workers in Africa / Vs Temp remote workers in Africa

Temporary workers in Africa are starting to be a growing part of the ecosystem.

With businesses navigating market uncertainties and slowdowns, especially post Pandemic. The flexibility of temporary workers makes them an attractive talent pool.  
The flexibility and agility to keep staffing optimal as your business needs change. Temporary workers help reduce employee costs, because their presence can keep your regular employees fully productive. We may call it Agile workforce like Accenture name it.    

Temporary contractors not only helps employers, but employees too by allowing workers to explore new career opportunities mainly remotely. Temporary work can be an excellent way for upskilling and gain experience while making connections outside his country.  
The gig economy has been on the rise recently in the last years. Companies are changing and evolving in the Future of Work : competition, innovation and digital disruption. Human Capital cannot sustain the changing business models. Companies are realizing that their ability to attract contractors / Temps workers has a direct impact on a business’ ability to drive its performance and growth.  

According to McKinsey Contractors or Temp workers : will grow up to 40% in the coming years.

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