Work must go on

Dear friends, partners,  

The time we are going through has an impact on all of us in one way or another. 
Our only certainty is that our world will not emerge unscathed from this crisis. 

Our perception of the planet, our way of living together, consuming, producing or going on vacation, all of this could be permanently disturbed.   

Our belief at TALENTEUM, even before the Covid19 crisis erupted, is that remote working is a device with multiple virtues:  

- Economic: telework allows you to extend the spectrum of the job market beyond your regions, and even beyond the borders where your companies are established; 
- Social Impact: telework allows talents from foreign countries to access a job, even though their countries of origin do not offer them in their specialties; 
allowing remote work means allowing people to no longer have to immigrate elsewhere in order to be able to work and live decently. It is also participating in the reestablishment of parity between men and women by allowing women who could not get away from their homes to have a job, done from home;
Environmental: when we know that transport is responsible for 10% of the global emission of greenhouse gases, we understand that by reducing travel, teleworking has a certain positive environmental impact on the planet; 
- Sanitary: the Covid19 crisis has demonstrated this, remote working contributes to limiting the spad of epidemics.  

Our job, based on this conviction, is to help you find your future collaborators, ready to work remotely with you. And if they are in a country different from yours, we recruit them for you, in accordance with local labor law.  

If your recruiting projects are still topical, let's talk about it. It's free, you give a talent the chance to find a job, and you help protect our planet.   
We would be delighted and proud to share your thoughts. 

What do you think ?  

Nicolas Goldstein and John Benatouil 
Founders of

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