Talenteum: socially responsible recruitment in Africa

Created in 2018, Talenteum is today’s first social Bridging web platform. Its mission is to provide its partners from across the world with ‘talent’ located in Africa (Mauritius, Madagascar or Côte d'ivoire). These experts are ready to work from completely remote locations and on a long term basis. To ensure the development of each player in this unpcedented professional adventure, and for lasting and fruitful collaborations, our company has chosen to go for socially responsible recruitment. Why opt for an employer policy which does not stop at legal rights and obligations? Have a look at our detailed explanation…

Socially responsible recruitment in Africa: more than just a trend

One may be tempted to believe that socially responsible recruitment, especially in Africa, is an act of "well-thinking". At Talenteum, we have quickly realized that this employer policy is far from trivial and transient; it is related to performance issues, sustainable growth and business development. Within our company, everything starts with the implementation of a process that respects international standards and that aims to fulfil several objectives, such as:

Actively participating in the development of the African continent through employment,
Strictly respecting the labour laws of all countries,
Respecting the social rights of all employees (For example in Mauritius, there is the NPF payment, NFS, new pension contribution -"retirement portability fund", the possibility of having a mutual fund etc. to deal with),
Combatting poverty in practice.

Lastly, it should be noted that in addition to offering long-term missions, we practice a remuneration which is respectful of the know-how of each employee, excluding intermediaries tempted by wage dumping as well as temporary work.

Socially responsible recruitment, a win-win practice

Talenteum is at its current position thanks to human resources that enable it to respond effectively and on a daily basis to the needs of its partners. For our company, the conditions of recruitment and work form the basis for a solid and long-lasting collaboration which is convincing and reliable for the companies that require our services. The testimonies of our employees are enough to allow us to say that Talenteum is a vector of mutual and self-confidence, commitment and motivation.

In addition, by providing a tangible, transparent and ethical framework for our talents, Talenteum hits two birds with one stone, as the popular saying goes. By choosing an ethical management of its human resources, our company allows its customers:

To keep expanding,
To increase their income,
To benefit from an unmatched quality / price ratio to date,
To participate in an ethical project, in harmony with their own CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility), and
 To demarcate themselves positively from the competition while maintaining an advantageous position in their market.

Participate in the global digital transformation alongside a socially responsible company

Africa is considered to be the cradle of humanity and at Talenteum, we are aware of the value of this 1.2 billion population pool (60 % of whom are under 35 years of age). Our experience in the market, our successes and our meetings allow us to legitimately consider this area of the planet as a concrete response to companies in need of local talent and willing to turn to socially responsible outsourcing.

Being specialists Social Bridging, we are constantly looking for men and women willing to participate in the digital transformation adventure that the world is going through. Our employees must be open-minded, have a high professional conscience, be able to quickly adopt our customers' corporate values and be operational in a quick and efficient way.

In return, we offer them an ethical job environment that is respectful of human rights and that is more than a contract. Every talent who decides to repsent Talenteum with other companies is, above all, a voluntary association based on exclusive know-how and resources.

Socially responsible recruitment in Africa is a duty, a reality and a necessity, as the continent is now in the process of taking the reins globally. As a major digital player in this area, Talenteum is a strong advocate of this practice!

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