Access, Skills, and Empowering Girls

Talenteum is proud to be part of the STI forum along with International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and Microsoft.

The digital skills gap is growing worldwide. While in many parts of the world there are rising opportunities for people to train in the new technologies and take advantage of the new jobs being created, in Least Developed Countries (LDCs), too many young people and women lack access to the internet, to training programmes to develop digital skills, and the means to take advantage of the digital revolution. The private sector is joining together with training institutes to tackle these challenges and offer digital skills training to ensure a fully inclusive digital transformation.


IOE is organising a keynote event with leaders from the business community in LDCs, international corporations and organisations together with experts from widely respected think tanks to discuss how to close the digital skills gap in LDCs. Focus will be put on best practice examples of private and public initiatives to train people in LDCs in new digital tools, blockages exacerbating the digital divide in LDCs, and how to mobilise more businesses to support digital training in LDCs.

12:00 – 12:05                   Moderator: Shea Gopaul, IOE Permanent Representative to the UN

Introduction to event with logistical information given and housekeeping rules.

Purpose of the event and highlights on how the UN and multilateral institutions are engaging with the private sector on SDG4 and SDG5.


12:06 – 12:20                   Fireside Chat:

Roberto Suárez Santos, Secretary-General of the International Organisation of Employers will interview Nicolas Goldstien, Co-Founder Talenteum


The topic will be Challenges in the World of Work - Sustainable change through public-private partnerships:


12:21 – 12:50                   Engaging more women in STEM education and ITC jobs