Level of experience : Over 10 years

Level of study : Postgraduate

Country : Nigeria

Local time : 03:10 ( UTC +01:00 )

Availability : Not defined

Number : #8802

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Lead Developer

Alsohtech Digital Hub July 2022 to Today

System Design and Development (Lead programmer)

Database Administrator

Department of Computer Science KSU January 2016 to Today

Creation of Department-based Private Cloud Server for Students' Result processing and management. Advance Data Entry, Interpretation and Presentation for Senate Consideration

ICT Officer

Grimard Catholic School of Midwifery and Nursing March 2012 to June 2016

Network management, Student profile, and result Management Software development and management

Video Editor

Lantech Computers January 2012 to Today

Location Setting, Director of Photography and Senior Editor


National Open University of Nigeria

M.Sc. Information Technology January 2019 to February 2021

Master of Science:



Advance Data Processing Expert

February 2017

Advance Data Processing Expert

Certification Authority : AlsohTech Digital Hub

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About me

I am good at the following with great skills (range: 80 - 95%);
Web development
Video Editing
Advance Data Entry and manipulations (Excel, Access)
Database Management
Professional word process (Microsoft Word and Latex (All versions))