Level of study : Postgraduate

Level of experience : Beginner <2 years

Rindra josia
Full Stack Developer

Country : Madagascar

Availability : Immediately

About us

I am a developer who is excited about launching new products and features into production, I can work autonomously and am not afraid to try new technologies, and who doesn’t back down from the challenges of scale. I am capable of both structuring and writing clean, maintainable code. I’ve spent most of the last year refining my technical and communication skills while a full-time development student at an international coding school, and I’m ready to start my next role as a full-stack developer. My skills include JavaScript (ES5/ES6), Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, SQL, RSpec, Capybara, Java, Git, GitHub, Heroku, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP.


  • Ministry of Population (Madagascar)

    Website redesign: Implementing new graphic charter and making the design more attractive.
    ● Built with: WordPress, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS3, MySQL, PHP.
    Badge design automation — Web application that facilitates the way to design employees' badge.
    ● Built with: PHP and MySQL.
    Web application GIS: — System that pinpoints NGOs in Madagascar.
    ● Built with: Bing, Mysql, ArcGis, PHP, HTML, Openlayers, JavaScript, jQuery.
    Car fleet management: JAVA application that manages the car fleet.
    ● Built with: JSE and Oracle.
    File management and archiving — Web application for electronic file management and archiving.
    ● Built with: PHP, MySQL, WordPress.
    Staple products management: — JAVA application manages staple products that can help the government
    to make the best decision.
    ● Built with: JSE and Oracle.


  • Certificate

    remote software developer


  • Post graduate diploma in IT




  • RemoteSensing and Geographic Information System

    Certification Authority : Centre for Development of Advanced Computing