Level of study : Postgraduate

Level of experience : Experience between 2 years and 5 years

Technical Project Manager (web)

Country : Nigeria

Availability :

About us

I am a full-stack JavaScript developer, Technical Project Manager, and budding data scientist. I have worked in several industries including ed-tech, robotics, and fintech, as a developer, project manager, and product manager. I enjoy seeing and making product ideas come to life.


  • Popular Robotics

    I lead the web product team at Popular Robotics, where my responsibilities include full-stack JS development, development of IoT and cloud robotics infrastructure, platform user growth and team management.

  • TeamApt

    Responsible for the successful deployment of POS monitoring solutions in top Nigerian banks, for merchants processing billions of Naira in transaction volume.

    Lead Project Manager handling maintenance and development of a Nigerian bank's corporate banking solution

  • Ventillum

    I consult for clients on user experience design, product development and project management.

    Responsible for development and launch of various web and mobile apps including:

    - TradeWithKene (iOS, Android, Web)
    - Corpreneur (Web)
    - DDSS Nigeria (Web)


  • MSc

    MSc Management Science and Engineering

  • MSc

    MSc Business Information Technology