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  • Get access to a talent pool in Africa
  • Employees at cost price in their country of residence
  • Wage portage of your remote talents
  • Save time in the pre-selection of talents

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How it works

I am a company

We enable the growth of your distributed workforce. Talenteum will help you find, employ and retain full-time remote employees and reach your business goals.

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    Become a partner company of Talenteum.
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    Talenteum selects the Talents that best match your job offers.
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    Talenteum establishes a short-list and organizes your interviews. The interview of the collaborators is done from a distance, at a time agreed together.
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    Decision / Hiring

    You decide who you want to propose to join your team, working remotely.
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    We recruit the collaborator for you. He works for your business from home or from an office at his disposal. It is rebilled to you cost price on the basis of the compensation you have decided in full transparency.

Find the best African talents

C'est simple

It's fast

Talenteum allows you to find and integrate a talent at the right time.

C'est sélectif

It's effective

Talenteum selects for you the best skills that match your needs.

C'est social

It's personalized

You benefit from a tailor-made support, from the research of your future collaborator to its long-term and remote integration in your company.

C'est souple

It's safe

Talenteum recruits for you the employees you need.

What our customers say

How is Talenteum different from other staffing companies?

Talenteum is not just another recruitment company.

We bridge the gap between companies worldwide that are facing difficulties to recruit talents in the countries they are implemented and our own community of African talents who are ready to work remotely.

How much does it cost for companies?

We do not perceive any commission from our Talents. They fix their own salary with the company & the amount agreed upon is what the company pays, all charges included.
Companies are only required to cover the wage of their talent.

How does Talenteum finance the development of its platform & community?

We only ask the company to pay an access fee to the platform from which most of this contribution will go to the community.
However, our services are free of charge until a company starts a collaboration with one of the members of our community.

I found my Talent by myself. Can Talenteum ensure the wage portage?

Of course. Wage portage is one of the services offered by our platform. We will welcome your company and talent even if you did not found your talent in our Community.

We then intervene as legal 3rd party as we ensure the wage portage of your talent. We will also act as a financial 3rd party by making sure that your talent receives his/her wages in accordance with the country of residence.

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This is not the place from where your collaborator works that is important, but the quality of what he brings to your business. Unlock productive remote teams, you don't have to do it alone, do it with Talenteum.

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