N°15785 Network Engagement Project Manager




Level of experience : From 7 to 10 years

Level of study : Postgraduate

Country : South Africa

Local time : 10:17 ( UTC +02:00 )

45000 €/ Month

Availability : Not defined

Number : #15785

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South African Small and Medium Enterprises Association July 2022 to Today

Working part-time in close collaboration with the Chairman of SASMEA, I perform daily administrative tasks. I also conduct research and provide insights pertaining to the political economy and economic development of micro, small and medium enterprises.

Freelance Consultant

Enquire.AI formerly known as GlobalWonks August 2018 to February 2022

As a remote consultant, based in Cape Town, South Africa, I provided actionable insights and expert advice for a wide variety of clients on a range of international,
regional and national affairs issues that occurred across the world. I produced fresh and innovative expert knowledge about countries, markets, and industries, including writing in depth analytical reports for clients as per their request.


In On Africa February 2017 to December 2017

• As a remote consultant, based in Cape Town, South Africa, I formed part of the
external consulting network division on behalf of In On Africa working with both
private and public sector clients by means of providing expert research, analysis and
intelligence focused on Africa. Projects ranged from short, analytical reports to
large-scale research projects, including producing policy position papers.
• On the business development and marketing side, I actively identified, pursued and
secured clients, strategic partners, subscribers, and advertisers who would
potentially be interested in any of the companies’ services and product offerings.

Project Manager, Outreach Coordinator and Analyst Consultant

Wikistrat Consultancy May 2013 to September 2021

• As a remote consultant, based in Cape Town, South Africa, I served on the African desk, where I managed both small and large-scale exclusive client projects.

• My duties included, mapping and assembling teams of experts, communicating project objectives and details in a clear and concise manner, throughout the duration of the project to experts, project team members and key personnel higher in the chain of command. I also monitored project developments, gave and received regular feedback and updates from project team members to execute and close client technology projects within set project deadlines.
As an outreach coordinator, I participated in speaking engagements on both national and international platforms. I networked and engaged with international experts, whilst at the same time promoted Wikistrats products and services to potential clients from a variety of industries that lead to the overall expansion of Wikistrats clients and global community of analysts.

Independent Researcher

University of Cape Town May 2012 to July 2012

• I independently conducted primary research for the main component of my
masters’ dissertation to assess public participation in selected ward committees in
the city of Cape Town.
• My duties included, telephonically contacting ward councillors to gain permission
to observe their ward committee meetings, from both high and low -income areas,
as well as, conducting face-to-face interviews with ward councillors and a
representative of the office of the speaker in the city of Cape Town.

Academic Tutor

University of Cape Town February 2012 to June 2012

• I tutored students in courses related to politics. My duties included, assisting
lecturers in the presentation of the course, where I discussed course content in
greater detail with students who were struggling to grasp how to apply political
theory in their academic writing, and I assessed students’ academic writing skills.

English Foreign Language Teacher

Tongjin Middle School September 2009 to September 2010

• I taught English with the emphasis on speaking and writing to middle school
students. My duties included, compiling lesson plans, developing English teaching
materials, teaching extra English language classes to students, parents, and teachers.
• I managed and conducted English Winter and Summer school camps and
presented English exhibition classes to the South Korean Education Board, Korean
English teachers, foreign English teachers and parents. My exhibition classes
became popular as it showcased the use of Korean pop music and music in general
as a creative tool for teaching the English language.

Intelligence Analyst

South African Secret Service January 2007 to December 2008

• I monitored and evaluated significant events that impacted on South Africa’s
foreign policy. My duties included scanning the wider open-source environment to
keep track of political events, notifying section heads, coordinating committees
and management in a timely manner during official hours and after hours about
trends, developments, and topical issues that had occurred.
• I compiled and edited significant events into high quality reports which provided an
analysis of information researched, and presented published reports within a set
deadline. In addition, I also wrote and edited daily news content for the internal


University of Cape Town

Masters degree February 2011 to December 2012

Master of Philosophy specializing in Public Policy and Administration:


University of Cape Town

postgraduate degree February 2003 to June 2004

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) International Relations:


University of Cape Town

Undergraduate degree January 2000 to December 2002

Bachelor of Social Science Governance and Political Studies:



The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

June 2022 to February 2023

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Certification Authority : Google Digital Skills Africa

Elements of Artificial Intelligence

July 2020 to August 2020

Elements of Artificial Intelligence

Certification Authority : University of Helsinki

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Cheryl-Anne is an experienced project manager, outreach coordinator and analyst consultant, with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is a skilled team player and can work with and amongst people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. She can also work well independently, to deliver quality assignments and is an adaptive learner with good computer abilities.