Talenteum wins 1st Runner-up award at Melting Pot 2020

Talenteum was one of ten finalists at the Melting Pot Innovation Summit 2020. The start-up has won the 1st Runner-up award in this event - which was held at the Hennessy Park Hotel and the University of Mauritius (UoM) on February 14 and 15.

Talenteum enthusiastically participated in the Melting Pot 2020, a conference focused on innovation. The founders of our start-up, Nicolas Goldstein and John Benatouil, attended this important event - where they had the opportunity to present Talenteum's services and also met other stakeholders of the local and regional economies. The business idea behind the start-up captivated those present. Talenteum scored the 1st Runner-up award at the Melting Pot 2020.

The event ticked off several goals, including the objective of "connecting Africa to the global ecosystem in Education-Industry-Innovation-Entrepreneurship." The organisers have observed that innovation across borders and collaboration are today's watchwords. As they assert, "[t]he innovators, researchers, universities and businesses are working together every day across continents to build the next breakthrough technology for a better tomorrow."

Among the hundred or so participants, were namely, academic figures, as well as entrepreneurs, artists, investors, CEOs, business incubator executives, government officials, NGOs, banks and multilateral agencies.

On the competitive side, more than 50 start-ups had submitted their applications in the hope that their business concepts would be chosen from amongst the most innovative and promising. However, only 10 companies were selected for the final, and amongst them was Talenteum - which came close to the first place! This is no coincidence - given that we are the leader of remote work in Africa. According to the event organisers, "Africa, along with India, promises to be the largest source of human talent to the world." To recall, Talenteum already represents more than 100 African talents in 2020.

Over two days, the Melting Pot 2020 allowed all those present to "discover next-generation solutions and exploring synergistic outcomes". Regarding Talenteum's participation, Nicolas Goldstein comments: "For Talenteum, this summit was a great opportunity to gain visibility on the Mauritian market, but also, a validation that the model of our start-up is appreciated and works."

It should be noted that this event was also held in other countries: India, the United Arab Emirates and Silicon Valley, in the USA.

Beatrice Hope

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