The Future of Work - Interview from Boost Magazine

Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point  described connectors as people who have  extraordinary skills of making friends and  acquaintances.

They can span over different worlds, subcultures, and niches and are crucial  to spading ideas and success in business.  French entrepneur, Nicolas Goldstein who  engineered a Mauritius-based international  EOR business, is evolving as a connector  between companies based in advanced  economies and African talents. Interview. 


Redesigning Work for a Hybrid  Future, a 2021 Gartner Report based  on a survey of over 800 HR leaders,  shows how work’s face in the post pandemic world is shaping up.


The Gartner Report on the future of work states that the ongoing Hybrid Revolution borne out of the pandemic is the “biggest experiment  in the history of work” since the invention of the internet that unleashed the digital revolution.  


There is no going back to p-pandemic practices. Hybrid workforce strategies are here to stay.  Executives have three options for the way forward: The Gartner Study shows that should companies revert back to the office centric design, they risk losing up to 39% of their workforce in the long  term. Should they maintain a remote work environment, the fatigue levels  will keep rising. 

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