Webinar on Getting hired by international companies

We had the pleasure to do a Webinar with Payoneer recently.
Getting hired by international companies is more challenging with the increasing number
of freelancers around the world. In this webinar we will discuss the best practices to stand out
from the crowd. why global companies hiring more in Africa. 
And more.

Our Speakers was

Pascal Mboa

Pascal Mboa is from Cameroon, is the founder of Rech Management, a performance improvement company that helps companies create successful working relationships for a thriving business operating primarily in Dubai. Pascal Mboa is highly committed to employee productivity and visionary business leadership in the Middle East. He is committed to helping the current and next generation of African talent make their mark in the world of employment and entrepneurship.

Nicolas Goldstein

Nicolas Goldstein is co-founder of Talenteum.Africa, Panafrican web platform designed to help companies source and employ remote-working teams mainly in Africa.Nicolas is very involved in the Tech ecosystem in the Indian Ocean region and in Africa. He is dedicated to the growth of his company Talenteum.africa which he founded with John Benatouil in order to give the chance to high potential talents in Africa to work remotely for international companies

Shaival Mittal
Partnerships Manager, MENA

Shaival is part of Payoneer’s core team for MENA and manages its strategic partnerships & business development initiatives in the region. He has worked for 10 years across SE Asia & Middle-east with subsidiaries & investee firms of global conglomerates such as Honda, Deutsche Telekom and Tencent. Over the past decade, Shaival has developed in-depth expertise across fields of cross-border payments, global e-commerce and international trade & logistics.