The 1st social bridging to be ranked among the 100 fastest companies in Africa

We are honored to have been ranked among the 100 fastest companies in Africa in 2023 by Financial Times. As an HR fintech startup, we enable companies, multinationals, and NGOs to find, hire and pay talents in Africa.

What is a fast growing company ?
A fast-growing company like Talenteum is a business that experiences significant and rapid growth in a relatively short period. Such companies often exhibit high revenue growth rates, expand their customer base, increase market share, and demonstrate strong financial performance. The term "fast-growing" is subjective and can vary depending on the industry, market conditions, and individual benchmarks. In our case we are the HR and Fintech Space. However, common characteristics of fast-growing companies include:

Revenue growth: Fast-growing companies typically experience substantial revenue growth over a short period, often outpacing the industry average or their competitors. This growth can result from factors such as increased customer demand, successful product launches, market expansion, or innovative business strategies. In our case we are doubling our size every year since 2018

Market disruption: Fast-growing companies often disrupt traditional markets or industries by introducing innovative products, services, or business models. They identify gaps or inefficiencies in the market and offer unique solutions that resonate with customers, giving them a competitive edge. In our case we are opening a new pool of talent from Africa and we let them work remotely for clients abroad.

Scalability: Fast-growing companies have the ability to scale their operations rapidly to meet increasing demand. They implement efficient processes, leverage technology, and have a flexible organizational structure that allows them to expand their operations and seize new opportunities without significant constraints. In our case we have adapted our platform with IA , just after Chat GPT with in the market.