Pitch for the Migration Challenge 2020


What is the main cause of migration ?

It’s an economic cause. It’s a lack of jobs.

In the next 10 years, we are going to have a lack of 85 million skilled workers.

It will impact the worldwide economy 8000 billion dollars.

And on the other hand, in Africa we are going to have the largest workforce.

One graduate out of two won’t find a job.

Our solution to solve these two issues is one solution :

This is connecting African talents with worldwide companies by giving them the tools to work remotely. By doing so, the migrants stay in his country at home or in a coworking space - that we provide.

Our ecosystem gives all the tools to employees and employers to work together.

Our impact for migration

We create jobs in Africa, we bring income to Africa and we are a solution against brain drain.

Our Business model is very simple : on top of the salary, we have a fee of 190 euros.

We are collecting the money and we are paying the salary at the end of the month.

We are a third party and this is what the employer wants, we are helping them to source recruits on their behalf.


We have done a proof of concept these two last years and it works.

We have validated that worldwide companies could work remotely.

We have created 100 full-time jobs.

These jobs have been created in Mauritius, Nigeria, Cameroon and Madagascar.

We already have 25 active clients : big corporate, small corporate, start-ups...

And we sign only long term contracts.

It’s not a gig economy. It’s a talent economy that we are building.

The market

We are tapping into the 85 million of skilled workers which is going to lack and we are aiming only less than one percent.

If we succeed, we are going to create 100 000 jobs.

We are two founders. We’ve known each other for 15 years and we are investing our own money into this project.

We have been selected among the 100 startups to invest in Africa, last year.

Believe in us, believe in this project of the future of work... Vote for Talenteum.

Thank you.

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