Heads-up to those wishing to leave Africa: "life isn't necessarily simpler elsewhere", attests Thecha

Thecha has been working at Talenteum for almost 4 years. She is the first talent that our start-up has recruited. "I'm proud to be the first collaborator Talenteum has hired," she says.

For a year or so, this young Mauritian, holder of a Management Diploma, worked as a Marketing and Communications Officer at Talenteum. "I even had the chance to learn how to become a Press Officer," she points out.

Today, Thecha no longer lives in Mauritius. She moved to France at the end of 2017. However, she is still employed at Talenteum. As a freelance Community Manager, she works remotely for our company. So why did she leave her country?

"I had nothing special in mind when I left Mauritius. My husband who is French and I moved to France because he couldn't find a job on the island," she explains.

Like Thecha, many Mauritians would, without hesitation, seize the opportunity to live abroad. But the young woman warns those who are thinking about going abroad: life isn't necessarily simpler elsewhere. She affirms that finding work in France is a true challenge.

"It's not easy to find work in France. You have to travel miles for a job that you like, and getting a permanent contract in 2020 is almost impossible, especially if you don’t live in a big city, " she states.

She adds: "I have been striving for two years to find a job in Hauts de France - where I reside. I have registered with recruitment agencies, attended job fairs and made several spontaneous job applications... but it's really hard!".

Thecha is still looking for a long-term job in France. She says she thought her work experience, her diploma and being bilingual would be assets. However, the lack of opportunities in her region is a major obstacle. In her opinion, there are more options in Mauritius - in terms of employment. 

"In Mauritius, you can find work quickly when you have qualifications and you can continue upskilling. It’s a reality that not all companies are accessible if you don’t have contacts. That's why I've always worked for French companies in my home country," she says.  

In France, the young woman remains hopeful. Thecha continues her journey with our start-up. There's no reason to be discouraged when you have Talenteum on your side. 

Beatrice Hope 

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