Inside the Talenteum community: Testimonials

Come join us! At Talenteum, we are the sum of numerous talents. Our teams continue to grow as the demand for remote work increases.

Our talents are those men and women who on the long run, repsent an added value to our clients' projects. To date, Talenteum has more than one hundred profiles. Operating in more than 6 disciplines, they are professionals all over Africa - at the service of companies often based on another continent.

Although some pfer to work from home, every week many use the pmises and equipment provided by Talenteum to engage in remote work (n.b. training in different trades is also offered By Talenteum).

So let's meet these talents who are in the best position to enlighten us on what working remotely entails.

Ombretta: "There is more flexibility"

Mainly a Customer Service repsentative, Ombretta also carries out administrative tasks for a French company that provides training to sports coaches.

Her team - also composed of staff based at the client’s headquarters - holds meetings every day. From Skype calls and emails to shared files on Google Drive and Teamviewer, this is how regular and transparent communication is maintained with the client.

Yet, Ombretta had never done remote work before Talenteum. Today, she highlights its benefits."I don't feel like my job is remote",she says. And adds: "There is more flexibility. I can even work from home when I cannot get to the office".

She emphasizes that Talenteum is "a very open company, one can work in peace and the atmosphere is very friendly".

Esther: "Talenteum has the necessary space for remote work"

Like Ombretta, Esther is also a Customer Service repsentative. At Talenteum, the client she works for is a company offering domiciliation services. "It's a domiciliation service for head offices and for instance, receiving and re-shipping couriers and parcels", she explains.

Working remotely comes easy to Esther. "It's going very well", she says. She works from Talenteum's pmises. "I feel more pssure doing work from home. I pfer the structure of an office. Talenteum provides the necessary space for remote work... but it does not feel like we are working remotely", she says enthusiastically. Ombretta uses emails, as well as the applications Whatsapp, Slack and Ringover to work with the client.

Joelle PhotoJoelle: "I have more autonomy..."

Joelle's duties revolve around digital recruitment for a French recruitment firm. She does the sourcing to find the profiles corresponding to the latest offers from European employers. She was also trained by the same French firm for this job.

The pqualification process is done by searching different job and social networks such as Linkedin. "I then contact potential candidates to see if they are still looking for work and if they are, I ask them for more information about their profile", she argues.

Joelle likes the independence that remote work offers. "I have more autonomy and this has helped to become more organized and responsive," she says. She points out that on the other hand, working remotely has its limits. "Not being in the same country as the client does not make communication easy sometimes", she claims.

Still, Joelle says that she is glad to be part of a close-knit team at Talenteum.

Yovan: "...a good management and a nice collegiality at Talenteum".

Yovan is an IT Project Manager. His client at Talenteum is an European software company specialising in events. In his role, he provides support to other IT Project Managers involved abroad and supervises the developers of outsourced projects.

"They don't even realise that I'm far away", he declares. Yovan explains that all the collaborators in this event project communicate with each other every day and meetings are held every week.

"The project is live - so there are follow-ups all the time," he affirms. Yovan uses a lot of tools to work. For instance, the phone, emails and Skype - classics, but also Project Management software such as Jira and others to deploy, debug and develop such as VSCode, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Android Studio, Filezilla, Terminal, Xdebug and Browswer Console.

He is quite experienced in remote work. Yovan signifies that he has been working this way for years - with E.U. and U.S. clients and intends to continue doing so in the future. He is happy at Talenteum. "There’s a good management and a nice collegiality at Talenteum", he says.

Chinedu PhotoChinedu: "I take my job with me to other places..."
Chinedu, a Test Automation engineer, comes from Nigeria. He works for the same client as Yovan (read above), doing Software Editing for the event. Chinedu's tasks include software verification and validation. He judges the quality of software features from front end to back end - that is, from browser to server; as well as Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

For Chinedu, the appeal of remote work lies mainly in the possibility of working wherever he wants. "I work better from home. Sometimes I take my job with me to other places. For example, I can settle down for a while in a café. I find the regular change of scenery stimulating", he asserts.

Every week Chinedu also works from Talenteum's offices. "I enjoy being with my teammates too - we like to share our knowledge and ideas...", he says. And adds, "The concept behind Talenteum - to connect talents to employers - is really good".
Of course, besides communication tools such as Skype, Slack and Trello, this engineer uses various technical software. These are namely Git, JMeter, Selenium, Java, BrowserStack, MariaDb, IntelliJ, Hiptest, TestNg and Appium.

Arnaud PhotoArnaud: "Talenteum values African talent..."
Arnaud the Cameroonian is a Java Development Engineer. He is a developer, creating "back end" applications for a European company. "We develop Cloud solutions for call centers, with a micro-service-oriented architecture", he explains.

According to Arnaud, remote work works. "We are in an active methodology, that is, two-week sprints - with demos at the end of each sprint," he comments. To keep up the pace and despite the distance, his team holds daily meetings.

Arnaud asserts that he communicates with the client via the app Slack. He also uses many software, including IntelliJ, Jira, Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, ELK, Grafana, Promotheus, DBeaver; and a pack of digital tools namely, Spring Boot/Data/Security/MVC/Cloud, as well as MariaDB and MongoDB.

This engineer had never done remote work fully before Talenteum. "It's interesting, I don't feel like I'm working from afar. The communication is fluid. The sharing of experience continues. The management of the project is going well", he affirms.

He points out that he completely adheres to Talenteum’s concept. "There are very skilled people in Africa, but often they have no visibility or support... Talenteum values African talent and offers decent working conditions", declares Arnaud.

Carinne: "There’s a good immersion at Talenteum"

Carinne is a Web Project Manager. In her work, she is the intermediary between the Web Developer and the client : a French agency operating on the internet.

"We create websites (window, merchant, e-commerce on Wordpress)... I'm in charge of contacting customers to retrieve information, text items and photos for site design," she says.

More specifically, she accompanies her clients from the start to the finalisation of these websites. She also takes care of remote training with clients - regarding the use of their admin platforms.

According to her, there communication with clients is positive, especially with her main client in France. "We have built very good relationships with our main client in France and so far everything is going great. They are more than satisfied with our services and services," she declares.

Carinne explains that since the production team is based in Mauritius, the client has also had to adapt.

"They have taken another approach: the telephone exchanges are different, if not more cordial," she explains.

In her role, she uses Skype a lot and emails to communicate with the client. Carinne has mastered all her tasks because she has worked in the field of Communication for a long time.

At Talenteum, she believes that there’s a good immersion and wishes the company to continue its rise.

Photo Sandrine

Sandrine: "I work at my own pace, with organisation and discipline"

Sandrine is a recruitment officer for a French law firm specialising in this field.

"I hunt and preselect potentially interesting and interested candidates. That is, I ask them questions about their professional expectations - so that my consultant can determine which company might match the expectations of the preselected candidate," she affirms.

Working remotely with the client is no worry for Sandrine.

"Also, because I'm in telecommuting, I don't have transport constraints or even a schedule - so to speak. I work at my own pace - of course, organisation and discipline are paramount in order to succeed in remote work," she points out.

Her work tools include her computer and other equipment provided by Talenteum. She uses Skype for communication, as well as other software for calls and saving the candidates’ profiles.

Sandrine has noticed a big difference between her current job and her previous work experiences.

"Oh yes and by far! To be honest, I don't like to be locked in an office all day because I find it very stressful - as was the case with my previous experiences. Working with the song of the birds around is much more enjoyable!," she says with a laugh.

About Talenteum, she states : "It's THE ideal company doing remote work! I hope that we go even further."

Nadia: "I have had the opportunity to work with the client abroad"            

Like Sandrine, Nadia is also a recruitment officer. Her client - based in France - offers recruitment consulting services. She has functions similar to Sandrine’s.                                                

"I help my client to look for candidates," she says, simply; although it's a job that requires a lot of energy.

The communication with the client is solid, despite the distance, and so to the extent that the client has accommodated her for some time in their company headquarters; in order for her to get to know her teammates in France and understand her job better.

"It's going very well. I’ve even had the opportunity to work with them for a few days abroad," she asserts. Nadia has learned a lot from this experience - which is not given to everyone.

In her job as a recruitment officer, she consults several platforms every day, including, CVaden, Apec, Pole Employment, LinkedIn and Regionsjob.

From her experience, Nadia believes that working remotely suits her better personally. "It's much better, and when I work from home and I tend to get more done," she admits.

As a result, Nadia has great recognition for Talenteum. "It was thanks to them that I got this job and I am grateful...," she says.

Avinashi: "It's the best job I've ever had"

A Business Developer at Talenteum, Avinashi works for a company that creates administrative software for associations in France.

"I process customer queries and make product presentations," she says.

Remote work is smooth for Avinashi. She attests that there is good organization and diligent follow-up. "... and training, meetings and exchanges are going very well," she adds.

She relies on many tools in the course of her work. She cites : "Slack - to communicate in-house and other software such as Authy, Gitlab, Zendesk, Gmail, Ringover and Whereby."

Avinashi is satisfied with remote work methods and being a part of Talenteum.

"The company helps its talents to find work easily... It's the best job I've ever had, whether in terms of salary or organization. Telework helps me a lot, especially as a mother. My life has changed much for the better since I have been at Talenteum," she concludes.

In short...
Because of its many strengths and despite some small disadvantages, remote work is making more and more people happy. Hence, Talenteum’s ranks are expanding steadily. "This is just the beginning...", announces Nicolas Goldstein, one of the co-founders.

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