Google Africa Internet Academy


Talenteum was invited to make a speech at the Google Africa Internet Academy, held in Mauritius in March 2018. We are happy and proud to have been asked. Talenteum seize the opportunity to highlight a pitfall encountered by many countries on the African continent. More than 50% of graduates from African universities find themselves without jobs annually. And the quality of the training offered by these institutions continues to improve. This rate of unemployed graduates will only increase from year to year. If the trend continues, Africa will find itself with an impssive workforce over the next 20 years. It will be superior to the rest of the combined world.



Talenteum invests in human capital on the African continent. Our startup offers the recruitment of a team of collaborators for investors around the world. An alternating 6-month training in all areas of the digitalworld, through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), is proposed to increase quality. Talenteum provides organizations with all the tools they need to manage a remote team. Remote team management is spading around the world and particularly on the African continent.



Trainingtesting and work-based learning are key elements of successful integration. Talenteum adapts to the needs of companies and startups. Mooc, also known as “open online courses,” is a very effective training tool. These courses are university level and are free to access, registration is free. The providers of these courses are large international institutions such as HarvardMITStanfordEcole PolytechniqueScience Pro … etc. Online providers are known, like the French sites: Coursera, Digital University of France (FUN), Udacity, edX.



Digital service companies are constantly evolving. Openness to competition and competitiveness is a reality. In this context, we must find new strategies and adapt as quickly as possible to technological progress and remote management. Talenteum offers the complete services of an efficient and effective incubator. We support you and offer everything you need to evolve the perimeters of interventions and organizations for the benefit of your company.

Talenteum is at your disposal to optimize the efficiency of your resources, restructure your activities, modernize your practices or rethink the relationship between operational departments, management and its customers through:

  • the diagnosis of your organization
  • understand your needs
  • reflection, submission
  • implement the evolution of your organization.

We are a distribution partner of the Digital Skills for Africa program! Create your unique training program on your computer, smartphone or tablet with Google tools. We will actively participate in the OnLine training of the workers of tomorrow.


  • Develop new skills adapted to the digital world
  • Grow your career or business at your own pace with flexible and customized training designed to build your confidence and help you succeed.
  • Discover the tools that will allow you to optimize your performance
  • Improve your interview techniques
  • Prepare for an interesting career

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