Niveau d'étude : Bac + 4

Niveau d'expérience : Expérience entre 2 ans et 5 ans

Cloud and virtualization engineer

Pays : Mauritius

Disponibilité : Dans 2 mois

A Propos

Has experience with the Cloud and monitoring processes as well as DevOps development in Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Also brings a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems and experience working as a DevOps Engineer since 2016.


  • ViaDialog

    In my role as a DevOps engineer, I am primarily responsible for managing our Kubernetes infrastructure, CI/CD and Infrastructure Configuration Management.<br> <br> I also maintain legacy applications written in NodeJS and PHP.

  • ViaDialog

    I worked on building chatbot solutions


  • BSc. IT &amp; Business Information Systems

    BSc. IT/BIS

  • Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering

    Dip. Software Engineering