Niveau d'étude : Bac + 3

Niveau d'expérience : Expérience entre 5 ans et 10 ans

Chef de projet maîtrise d'oeuvre (informatique)

Pays : Mauritius

Disponibilité : Dans 3 mois

A Propos

Lors de mes 8 dernieres annees travaillant pour les banques locales, je eu de l'experience sur les operations bancaires et les systemes informatiques des banques. Je suis a l'aise travaillant sur la plateforme Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL), OBIEE, Oracle BI etc.


  • BCP Bank (Mauritius) Ltd

    Provide assistance to theHead ofMOA & Orga for the daily run of credit services unit, corporatedepartment and other back office departments. Act as Project Lead for differentminiprojectsrelated to credit services. Analyze, give explanationsand propose solutionsto any anomalies and inconveniences faced byinternal customers. Manage a project from thetimethe initialrequest has been madetothe projectimplementationphasefollowed bythego-liveof the project and provide support even after go-live of the project. Manage requests for changes/evolutions and interventionsfrom the initial request to completion, inparticular,withthedifferent service providers, technical teams and business lines. Classify requests into anomalies or evolutions. Identify the impacts of parameter changes on thedifferent modulesunder my responsibility. Detect and correct anomalies by making sure to follow the process from the initial request to thecompletion. Evaluate risks and issues. Oversee the development of the IT solutionfor the module “Engagement” on Amplitude Core BankingSystem asLead. SQL reportingsand analytics for different departments andregulatory bodies including internal andexternal auditsand compliance department users. Responsibleto meetdeadlines,do propercommunicationsanduser trainingsto therequestedsolutions.

  • Maubank Ltd

    Provide assistance to theHead of ICT Applicationsfor theproper running of the department. Create reports in SQL scripting and stored procedures for the management, the different Businessusers and regulatory bodies. Actively assisting Project Manager for XBRL reporting and statement of accounts implementationand generation. Projects in RAMCO Decision Works (Data requirements, user testing, follow up on targets and leadcommunication between department key users and consultants to ensure alignment betweenapplications and business requirements). Generation of Current/Savings and Adhoc bank statements for customers on RAMCO DecisionWorks. Provide support to Tracking Management System for the bank especially for Audit Trails andAuditors (internal and external) Workflow monitoring for business process and data warehouse. Perform morning and evening checks to ensure smooth running of End of Dayand End of Monthbackup activitiesonFinacle and Flexcube Core Banking System. PerformEnd of Day,End of Monthand End of Yearbackup activitiesonFinacle and Flexcube CoreBanking System. Finacle Core and Flexcube core supportfor all different bank department and services includingmicro-finance services. Analyseuser requirements and development of SQLregulatoryand MISreports on Oracle. Provide support on OBIEE 11g, for workflow monitoring, services administration, reportsdashboards design and creation. Lead communication department key users and consultantsduring projects (e.g. Infosys forFinacle core migration project from version 7 to version 10) Generation and printing of all types of bank statements for customers on Finacleand OBIEE. Attend to administrative duties (including: maintain databases, prepare spreadsheets, preparepresentations, compose correspondences, prepare approval papers to the executive management,booking of meeting rooms, sending meeting requests, attend to meetings, prepare/transcribeminutes of meetings and undertake all necessaryfollow up procedures). Negotiate for best quotes from suppliers for urgent interventions or maintenance in a costeffective way and for purchase of logistics and other general items for the bank. Ensure that Health & Safety policies and standards are met. Follow up on maintenance contracts and lease agreements with service providers. Escalating helpdesk issues or telephone requests from internal customers to concernedpersonnel/service providers and follow up until same is attended satisfactorily.

  • Institute for Consumer Protection

    Assumealeadingroleinupdatingand managingofICP’swebsite. Plan,manage,andcoordinatetheday-to-dayoperationsoftheoffice. Diagnoseandresolveallsoftwareandhardwareproblems. Attendtocomplaintshandlingandliaisewithserviceprovidersand regulatory bodieswithaviewtoresolving consumerdisputes. WritearticlesinthepressandparticipateinRadioDebatesonConsumerIssues. NegotiatewithprospectiveclientsforfundingofnewprojectsthatICPproposes.

  • CCA International

    Assist IT Manager to ensure proper running of Information System in the Call Centre. Generate andupdatead-hoc reports using SQL. PC Assembly and Configuration (Microsoft Office Tools, Windows applications, Hermes.Net, ActiveDirectory,Antivirus). Diagnose and resolve applications,hardware and software problems, and perform daily back-ups. Set up PC and printers in a network environment. Provide technical support to users on site. Train users to use computer, Windows applications and call centre respective application(Hermes.Net). Carry outinventorieson IT equipment.


  • BSc (Hons)